KJH Opportunities Fund

What is the investment objective of the KJH Opportunities Fund?

The investment objective is to generate long-term capital growth, predominantly through the ownership of North American equity securities that are considered small and mid-cap stocks. Specifically, the goal of the Fund is to outperform the Small Cap Benchmark over a full market cycle. The Fund selects securities based on our proprietary underwriting framework, with an emphasis on companies that are mispriced and under-followed, yet are considered important in their respective industry.

What does the KJH Opportunities Fund invest in?

The Fund invests predominantly in small and mid-cap companies within the North American market.

Why this asset mix?

Small and mid-cap companies have historically shown to provide a larger rate of growth than that of large and mega-cap companies. Furthermore, as international markets have become increasingly correlated, small and mid-cap equities have shown to provide key diversification attributes by lowering the correlation between the portfolio and the market.

What is the role of the KJH Opportunities Fund in your portfolio?

The KJH Opportunities Fund’s role in a portfolio is to provide for the greater growth potential. Incorporating a portfolio of small and mid-cap companies into a portfolio can assist in providing stability as these companies continue to grow earnings outside of traditional economic factors.

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