KJH Select Fund

What is the investment objective of the KJH Select Fund?

The investment objective is to invest in an opportunistic long and focused portfolio of predominately North American securities. The Fund will invest on the basis of fundamental research and sets out to achieve acceptable risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle. The return profile is intended to be uncorrelated to the broader equity markets. The Fund will use short positions, option overlays and other strategies as appropriate to manage risk. In addition, the Fund may have a substantial weight in cash if market conditions warrant a conservative stance.

What does the KJH Select Fund invest in?

The Fund invests predominantly in North American equity and debt securities while also incorporating other financial instruments to enhance returns. The KJH Select Fund can also structure the portfolio to enhance exposure towards either a net long or short positioning.

Why this asset mix?

The KJH Select Fund’s asset mix is reflective of the portfolio managers’ sentiment towards either the market as a whole, or specific sectors and securities. The overall exposure of the Fund can be either net long or short depending on if the portfolio manager believes the securities will rise or fall over time.

What is the role of the KJH Select Fund in your portfolio?

The KJH Select Fund is classified as an absolute return mandate and serves as a complementary piece to the core of a portfolio. The KJH Select Fund’s mandate and overall construction will assist in managing volatility and overall market risk. When markets are volatile or declining, net long exposure can be reduced or eliminated to better capture profits.

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