KJH Strategic Investors Fund

What is the investment objective of the KJH Strategic Investors Fund?

The investment objective is to generate long-term capital growth, predominantly through the ownership of Canadian and U.S. equities. Specifically, the goal of the Fund is to outperform the equity benchmark over a full market cycle. The KJH Strategic Investors Fund selects securities that specifically meet our proprietary underwriting framework, which is a fundamentally-driven security-specific approach.

What does the KJH Strategic Investors Fund invest in?

The Fund invests predominantly in blue chip equities that fit our KJH Proprietary Framework. This framework seeks to identify undervalued companies that are leaders within their industry with fortress balance sheets that assist in managing volatility.

Why this asset mix?

The asset mix of the KJH Strategic Investors Fund is structured to be reflective of a balanced portfolio of blue-chip equities across a range of sectors. This mix is built around a barbell approach to portfolio structure to assist in managing volatility and minimizing drawdown in the event of a market correction.

What is the role of the KJH Strategic Investors Fund in your portfolio?

The KJH Strategic Investors Fund serves as a core element to a portfolio by serving as a basket of blue-chip equities. By selecting best of breed companies with fortress balance sheets, these companies are well positioned to serve as the cornerstone of the portfolio. Furthermore, being structured as a barbell portfolio further aids in managing and minimizing volatility.

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