KJH Technology & Growth Fund

What is the investment objective of the KJH Technology & Growth Fund?

The investment objective is to generate long-term capital growth, predominantly through the ownership of equity in Canadian and U.S. entities across all sectors of the economy that are benefitting from long-term structural change brought about by the rapid adoption of new technologies. The Fund focuses on a growth investment style. The objective of the Fund is to outperform the S&P 500 benchmark over a full market cycle. The Fund was launched based on the investment team’s deep experience and expertise, not only in investing, but also in managing, governing and advising technology-oriented enterprises.

What does the KJH Technology & Growth Fund invest in?

The Fund invests predominantly in equities, mostly on the long side, although strategic shorts may be used to generate alpha. The Fund will have some derivatives exposure from time to time as well. It will invest in companies outside of the traditional technology sector, as well as within it. The Fund is agnostic regarding enterprise value and market capitalization.

Why this asset mix?

Markets are generally quick to price technological advances, but they are not as quick to consider the implications of these technological advances, particularly in companies not traditionally associated with the tech sector.

What is the role of the KJH Technology & Growth Fund in your portfolio?

This Fund is intended to add value relative to a broad-based equity portfolio. In the KJH suite of Funds, this is the investment mandate that is most likely to take a position in some of the early-stage companies that grow quickly, and make up a disproportionate share of the overall market growth. The intention is that the Fund shows a low correlation to broad-market returns.

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