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Investment Philosophy

Protecting and building your wealth by achieving outstanding long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns.


Investment Strategies

Carefully designed to thrive in all types of economic and market environments that meet our disciplined investment criteria.


Private Client Services

Dedicated to enhancing your financial well-being and navigating the associated complexities of wealth for your peace of mind.


Personal Approach

Working together to define your vision of financial success leading to a strategic wealth plan that meets your objectives today and in the future.

Plan, Protect and
Grow Your Wealth

With our fiduciary mindset, we protect and build your wealth by generating solid, long-term returns to help you meet your financial goals.

buying real estate


With interest rates rising, the direction of housing prices – up, down or sideways – is a hot topic of conversation around dinner tables and office watercoolers, which is hardly surprising given how much wealth Canadians’ have tied up in their homes.

In this month’s podcast, we discuss a Fed pivot, the impending economic recession, and the impact of the sticky labour market on earnings.

investment opportunity


The time to play defence is probably behind us. Valuations are down and they might well go lower, but the second half is when it makes sense to look for the beginning of a bottoming-out. Investors must be thinking about opportunity now.

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