KJH Investment Update – June 28, 2017

We are pleased to provide this webcast which highlights the KJH Investment Update presentation which took place on June 28, 2017 at the York Club in Toronto. Featuring our KJH Investment Team, the webcast provides our Quarterly Investment Update focusing on the KJH Investment Philosophy, current market conditions, implications to our KJH Investment Strategies as well as providing an update for each of our KJH Funds.
Should you wish to access a specific section of our webcast, focusing on the individual KJH Funds, you may click to the links below to be taken directly to that section. Please enjoy at your convenience.

Welcome, KJH Investment Philosophy, Current Market Environment and Implications to KJH Investment – Joel Clark – 0:00
KJH Technology Partners Fund – Reza Samahin – 10:20
KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund – Joel Clark – 15:37
KJH Energy Partners Fund – Joel Clark – 17:19
KJH Fixed Income Fund – Joel Clark – 19:38
KJH High Yield Fund – Andrew Csumrik – 21:21
KJH Income Opportunities Fund Andrew Csumrik – 26:23
KJH Opportunities Fund – Andrew Csumrik – 31:29
KJH Strategic Investors Fund – Gord Henderson – 38:09
KJH Long/Short Fund – Joel Clark – 43:11
KJH Credit Fund – Joel Clark – 44:27
Private Client Update – Sarah Bull – 46:21