About Us

Established in 2001, KJ Harrison Investors is an independent investment firm providing wealth management solutions to high net worth families

KJ Harrison’s vision is to be the most relevant private client firm in Canada for high net worth families, centered on outstanding investing and strategic advice, where our clients are treated like partners.

We fulfill our vision through five core values:

Our clients are our partners.

Our promise to our clients is to be as careful and sensible with your money as we are with our own and to treat you as partners.

Fiduciary mindset.

We place the highest priority on protecting our clients’ interests over and above our own.

Advice, not product driven.

We focus on the unique goals and needs of each client by helping them define financial success. Investment goals are one piece of the plan, alongside life, family, retirement planning and estate planning needs. This allows us to provide strategic advice driven by wealth goals, not investment tactics.

We can’t predict, but we can prepare.

We accept that we don’t know what the future holds. Therefore, our investment strategies are carefully designed to ensure clients can thrive in all types of economic and financial market environments. We pay particular attention to protecting our clients’ emotional and financial capital during bear phases, through our disciplined investment and risk management approach.

We are completely committed to the success of our clients.

Our business practices are focused on achieving our clients’ objectives. This includes the ongoing investment in our people, training and technology with the goal of providing our clients with excellence in investing, advice, service and reporting.

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