Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care - Theodore Roosevelt


We believe that ongoing communication and advice play a crucial role in helping a client achieve their long-term objectives. With that we offer our clients the highest standard of personalized service by communicating efficiently, effectively and transparently.

In addition to providing sound counsel around capital allocation, we are committed to enhancing the financial well-being of our clients by providing proactive advice on the associated complexities of wealth. With a limited number of families as clients and the broad skill base of our Partners we are able to deeply understand their strategic challenges and provide the personal attention required to ensure that our planning results are both relevant and consistent with our clients’ long-term objectives.

Communicating to our clients transparently and effectively is the key to our business. Our clients receive weekly communications that include webcasts, periodic market updates, client letters and fund summaries and commentaries. We also periodically publish other articles of interest: Wealth, Health and Kids, Value Wines and Art of Investing.

In addition to receiving regular monthly reporting, every quarter we provide our clients with a detailed performance report.

Every quarter, we invite all of our clients to a luncheon. These luncheons provide our clients with direct access to the KJH Investment Team. At the luncheons, the KJH Investment Team outlines our views on the economy, market and provides a perspective on how we are allocating and investing capital. We also host a variety of client events across Canada. These events allow our clients to hear the strategies the Portfolio Managers are taking to protect their capital.

For an example of the communications our clients receive on a regular basis, please send us an email.