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Episode 29 – Opportunities in Equities & Bonds During Inflation Challenges (September 2023)

Tune in to hear the KJH team discuss resurging inflation, persistent rate hike forecasts, and historical levels of bifurcation in the equity markets.

Episode 28 – What’s Top of Mind (August 2023)

Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss the rebound of inflation, the breakout in bond yields, and the vulnerability of asset values following a strong run over the summer on the latest KJH Insights podcast.

How to Have the Family Wealth Talk

If you’re like many people, you will be trying to reap the best of summer while it lasts by spending extra time with your family. Yet, to the usual itinerary of eating great food, taking in the sun or the sights, or hanging out on the dock, try adding one other item: having a chat with your children about money.

Episode 27 – The Return of the Traditional Balanced Portfolio (July 2023)

Tune in to hear Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss the ongoing resilience of the economy, central banks' determination to curb inflation, and the market bifurcation as mega-cap tech stocks rally.

Why Women Need to Get Involved in Wealth Planning and Investing

When the voices of women go unheard, the result can be a wealth plan that is simply not as effective or relevant as it should be.

The Changing Realities of Retirement – And What They Mean for You

We all want our retirement to embody positive change, of course. Yet, to make our retirement dreams come true, we need to understand how retirement itself is changing – and how our financial planning must adapt as a result.

First Home Savings Account

Since 1992, the best option for tax-advantaged savings for a first-time home purchase has been the RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan, now there is a new king of the tax-advantaged ring in town in the form of the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account (FHSA).

Estate Planning Check-In: Why Now Is the Time to Ask, “What If?”

When planning for risk, people often focus exclusively on “big” things like portfolio management, business structure, retirement goals, and the like. But the “little” things are often the ones that make life the most financially and emotionally difficult for families in the wake of a death.

Financial Literacy and the Next Generation

No matter the size of the portfolio or the age of their children, many of our clients are wondering how to raise their kids with the skills and knowledge they need to be financially competent.

Women Are Gaining Power Around Their Money – And We Should Talk About It

Sarah Bull discusses gender equality in the world of money and how, while change is still necessary, it should not blind us to the reality that change is taking place.

Buying Real Estate – How to Give Money to Your Children

With interest rates rising, the housing market seems to be in a state of flux. The direction of housing prices – up, down or sideways – is a hot topic of conversation around dinner tables and office watercoolers, which is hardly surprising given how much wealth Canadians’ have tied up in their homes.

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