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Macroeconomic Outlook: While the Fed Tightens, a Crisis Brews in Europe (Sept 22, 2022)

The nagging truth about today’s interconnected global economy is that the ripple effects of one event or policy tend to run into ripple effects created by other events thousands of miles away. The result is, often, crisis.

Episode 23 – An Uncertain Macroeconomic Environment Calls for Patience (Sept 2022)

Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss the European energy crisis, the slowing global economy, and the short to medium-term opportunities in fixed income.

Macroeconomic Outlook: Now the Hard Part Begins

Through aggressive rate hikes and quantitative tightening, central bankers are fighting runaway inflation by curbing demand and slowing down the economy, and they are trying extra-hard because they know they are behind the curve.

Episode 22 – Inflation vs Growth: The Balancing Act Continues (August 2022)

Listen to Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss the Fed's ongoing response to inflation, the recession risk, and the sweet spot in credit markets.

Reflections on Q2 2022 and What Lies Ahead

In fact, the time to play defence is probably behind us. Valuations are down and they might well go lower, but the second half is when it makes sense to look for the beginning of a bottoming-out. Investors must be thinking about opportunity now.

Macroeconomic outlook: How to keep your perspective in a bear market (June 30, 2022)

By Joel Clark, CEO - Current macroeconomic factors have created a trifecta of headwinds for markets – namely, inflation, the monetary policy response to inflation, and the very real possibility of an economic downturn as a result of that policy response.

Episode 20 – Bear Market Conditions Take Hold (June 2022)

Listen to Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss soaring inflation and the Fed’s response, bear market volatility, and the risk of an earnings recession.

Buying Real Estate – How to Give Money to Your Children

With interest rates rising, the housing market seems to be in a state of flux. The direction of housing prices – up, down or sideways – is a hot topic of conversation around dinner tables and office watercoolers, which is hardly surprising given how much wealth Canadians’ have tied up in their homes.

Macroeconomic Outlook: Hello, Chickens

To say that the past few weeks have been rough for financial markets might be the understatement of the year. From April 1 to mid-May, the S&P 500 declined by nearly 12% – a full-blown correction.

Macroeconomic Forces

Perhaps more than at any time in recent memory, today’s investing world seems to be driven by macroeconomic forces. No investor can afford to ignore what is going on in the big wide world – right now, it all matters.

Spring Cleaning for Your Estate Planning

Of all our financial affairs, planning for when we are not around is probably the most tempting one to put off. But it is also one of the most important. Setting aside a day or two every spring to do a “clean-up” of your estate planning documents will ensure they accurately reflect your goals.

KJH Perspectives: A Portfolio Manager Discussion on the Technology Sector (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Reza Samahin discuss the opportunities for technology and growth stocks. They look back on how the market has viewed tech stocks since 2020, the heightened market volatility, the recent sell-off in tech stocks, and share their views on the sector for 2022.

KJH Perspectives: A View On Equities – Navigating Inflation and Rising Rates (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Andrew Csumrik discuss the current equity markets, offering insights on the current macro environment as well as our KJH investment philosophy and risk management strategies.

KJH Perspectives: Senior Loans – A Low Volatility Asset Class with Attractive Yields (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Jeff Sujitno delve into the current fixed income environment and why senior loans are an important part of our asset allocation decisions for clients.

KJH Perspectives: Credit – The 60/40 Portfolio is Broken (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Daniel Child discuss how the fixed income market dynamics have evolved and their expectations going forward, including how Fed policy is affecting the credit market, and how they are navigating the rising interest rate environment.

Don’t Let Love Be Blind: Five Financial Tips for Your Second Marriage

Love is always better the second time around, as the old song goes. Yet the reality is that new relationships later in life can be fraught with peril, especially from a financial perspective.

Cybersecurity Awareness – Prevention and Protection

As October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, KJ Harrison outlines the most common cyberattacks and how you can carry out simple security measures to protect yourself and mitigate potential security risks.

KJH Insights: Generating Yield in an Inflationary Environment

Learn more about the risk reflation poses to traditional bond allocations, the adverse impact of rising interest rates and alternative assets to generate income in this environment.

Episode 7 (Bonus) – Generating Yield in an Inflationary Environment (April 2021)

Many investors rely on the traditional 60% equities / 40% bonds model for a balanced portfolio which, for decades, has been a recipe for success. But in today's low rate environment, the 40% is no longer generating a reliable income and someinvestors are losing capital.

Investing in the Senior Loans Market

Canadians are grossly underinvested in senior loans and Jeff Sujitno, Senior Portfolio Manager at Wellington Square Capital Partners, says it’s a missed opportunity. For context, this huge US$1.3 trillion market is equivalent to about 70% of the entire Canadian stock universe. Jeff explains this key advantage of the KJH Senior Loan Fund.

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