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KJH Insights – 2021 Investment Insights

Our host Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors, talks with KJH's CEO, Joel Clark, about the top three themes informing our investment decisions in 2021: the blue wave, the vaccine and inflation. We also reflect on the many major events of 2020 and their impact on markets and investments.

Senior Loans: The Search for Income in a Low Yield Environment

KJH CEO, Joel Clark, and Wellington Square Portfolio Manager, Jeff Sujitno, outline the investment case for Senior Loans in a low-yield environment.

Eight Lessons for Investors — From the COVID-19 Shock

Ontario Dental Association, October 2020 – by Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, & Philip Lieberman, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison The COVID-19 environment has been tough on everybody, and dentists are certainly […]

The game of life: How KJ Harrison is helping professional athletes and their families

Many young players dream of a career in the big leagues. For a select few, it turns into a dream come true – one that follows years of sweat, dedication and sacrifice, from themselves and […]

Family Business Succession

Philip Lieberman, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison, draws on over 25 years of experience advising family enterprises to outline his top tips for creating a realistic and workable family business succession plan.

Black Swan Events

KJ Harrison’s Chief Investment Officer, Peter Barlas, explains the importance of a ‘barbell’ approach to investing when faced with unpredictable ‘black swan events’.

Helping your child purchase a home? Know your options

By Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison & Philip Lieberman, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison As a financial management adviser to high-net-worth individuals and families, we see more and more […]

Protecting Yourself From Cyber Crime

Crime is a lot like a beach-ball in a swimming pool. You can push it down to the bottom, but it will slip through your hands and resurface somewhere else. Street crime is falling – […]

Financial Literacy and the Next Generation

No matter the size of the portfolio or the age of their children, many of our clients are wondering how to raise their kids with the skills and knowledge they need to be financially competent. […]

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