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Women & Wealth

Financial Planning for Women Entrepreneurs – Is your personal wealth and income tied up in your business?

By Sarah Bull, Partner and Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors - The drive towards gender equality in business is far from finished but growth in female entrepreneurship is strong.

Why you need a co-habitation or marriage contract the second-time around

No one goes into a relationship planning for it to end. But in many ways, the stakes are higher the second (or third) time around.

Planning for the 4 D’s – Death of a Spouse, Divorce, Disability & Dementia

Investing is not a gender-based activity but women do approach wealth differently. Leading up to International Women’s Day, Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison, talks about how she supports her women clients […]

The Rise of Giving Circles – Canadians Pooling Funds for Greater Impact

Sarah Bull’s Women Impact Network is getting together to learn about issues and collectively pool resources to make a greater impact.

How to Prepare your Finances for the Three D’s – Death, Divorce and Disability

Not enough of us give our finances as much attention as we give our health. Yet, your financial wellbeing requires the same regular attention, particularly when it comes to preparing for life’s detours. Let’s call them the three Ds – death, divorce and disability.

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