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Women & Wealth

Why the CPP matters—and when you should take it

The Canada Pension Plan is an important consideration for anyone planning for retirement, regardless of their wealth. For high-net-worth individuals, while the CPP might seem small compared to other income sources, it offers stability and inflation-indexed benefits.

Planning on Retiring? Look Beyond the Numbers

Often individuals focus on the numbers when planning for retirement, but there are other aspects that need to be considered when thinking about that next stage.

Why Women Need to Get Involved in Wealth Planning and Investing

When the voices of women go unheard, the result can be a wealth plan that is simply not as effective or relevant as it should be.

The Changing Realities of Retirement – And What They Mean for You

We all want our retirement to embody positive change, of course. Yet, to make our retirement dreams come true, we need to understand how retirement itself is changing – and how our financial planning must adapt as a result.

Women Are Gaining Power Around Their Money – And We Should Talk About It

Sarah Bull discusses gender equality in the world of money and how, while change is still necessary, it should not blind us to the reality that change is taking place.

Spring Cleaning for Your Estate Planning

Of all our financial affairs, planning for when we are not around is probably the most tempting one to put off. But it is also one of the most important. Setting aside a day or two every spring to do a “clean-up” of your estate planning documents will ensure they accurately reflect your goals.

Don’t Let Love Be Blind: Five Financial Tips for Your Second Marriage

Love is always better the second time around, as the old song goes. Yet the reality is that new relationships later in life can be fraught with peril, especially from a financial perspective.

The Wealthy Can Afford Divorce, But That Doesn’t Make it Easier

Published by Sarah Bull, Partner and Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors. While divorce isn’t easy for anyone, it can be particularly complex for wealthy families.

Help Clients Cope With Late-Life Divorce

Divorce hurts. And it can be hardest on those who experience it later in life. Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, speaks to about supporting clients through late-life divorce.

Financial Planning for Women Entrepreneurs – Is your personal wealth and income tied up in your business?

Published by Sarah Bull, Partner and Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors - The drive towards gender equality in business is far from finished but growth in female entrepreneurship is strong.

Why you need a co-habitation or marriage contract the second-time around

No one goes into a relationship planning for it to end. But in many ways, the stakes are higher the second (or third) time around.

The Rise of Giving Circles – Canadians Pooling Funds for Greater Impact

Sarah Bull’s Women Impact Network is getting together to learn about issues and collectively pool resources to make a greater impact.

How to Prepare your Finances for the Three D’s – Death, Divorce and Disability

Not enough of us give our finances as much attention as we give our health. Yet, your financial wellbeing requires the same regular attention, particularly when it comes to preparing for life’s detours. Let’s call them the three Ds – death, divorce and disability.

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