Periodic insights from our Investment and Private Client Teams on a broad range of investment and advice-related topics

Retirement Planning

Six Habits of Highly Successful Retirees: A Guide to Preparing for a Sound Financial Future

In our view, the process of retirement planning should involve a greater depth of thought and breadth of preparation than simply asking “When?” and “How much?”. This guide distills our thinking about how best to prepare for a sound financial future in later life.

Planning on Retiring? Look Beyond the Numbers

Often individuals focus on the numbers when planning for retirement, but there are other aspects that need to be considered when thinking about that next stage.

The Changing Realities of Retirement – And What They Mean for You

We all want our retirement to embody positive change, of course. Yet, to make our retirement dreams come true, we need to understand how retirement itself is changing – and how our financial planning must adapt as a result.

Strategic Financial Management

KJ Harrison Investors over the years has refined its views on financial and investment planning—views that it believes to be straightforward, actionable and measurable. In this paper, we discuss these philosophies and beliefs. Many people […]

Retirement Planning & the Lessons of COVID

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our daily lives for over a year. For many people approaching or in retirement, the pandemic has prompted a significant rethinking of their future lifestyle and finances. As part of our Wealth, Health & Kids series, the KJH team has outlined six considerations relevant to retirement planning in the post-COVID world.

KJH Insights: Generating Yield in an Inflationary Environment

Learn more about the risk reflation poses to traditional bond allocations, the adverse impact of rising interest rates and alternative assets to generate income in this environment.

Senior Loans – The Search for Income in a Low Yield Environment

KJH CEO, Joel Clark, and Wellington Square Portfolio Manager, Jeff Sujitno, outline the investment case for Senior Loans in a low-yield environment.

Q&A with CEO, Joel Clark, and Chief Investment Officer, Peter Barlas

A unique approach to strategic wealth management: a conversation with KJ Harrison CEO Joel Clark and Chief Investment Officer Peter Barlas.

Alternative Asset Investment Strategies – An Important Source of Diversification in an Evolving Market

After a 30-year bull market in bonds and a strong, multi-year recovery in equities following the global Great Recession of 2008-09, investors wonder what lies ahead for financial markets.

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