Periodic insights from our Investment and Private Client Teams on a broad range of investment and advice-related topics

Retirement Planning

Investing in the Senior Loans Market

Canadians are grossly underinvested in senior loans and Jeff Sujitno, Senior Portfolio Manager at Wellington Square Capital Partners, says it’s a missed opportunity. For context, this huge US$1.3 trillion market is equivalent to about 70% of the entire Canadian stock universe. Jeff explains this key advantage of the KJH Senior Loan Fund.

Senior Loans: The Search for Income in a Low Yield Environment

KJH CEO, Joel Clark, and Wellington Square Portfolio Manager, Jeff Sujitno, outline the investment case for Senior Loans in a low-yield environment.

Q&A with CEO, Joel Clark, and Chief Investment Officer, Peter Barlas

A unique approach to strategic wealth management: a conversation with KJ Harrison CEO Joel Clark and Chief Investment Officer Peter Barlas Many investment firms offer services to high-net-worth clients, but few take the holistic approach […]

Understanding Indexing

Indexing, or passive investment management, is one of the more prominent investment strategies. In this paper, we discuss why indexing has become so popular, the challenges of indexing, and when indexing is useful (and not […]

Strategic Financial Management

KJ Harrison over the years has refined its views on financial and investment planning—views that it believes to be straightforward, actionable and measurable. In this paper, we discuss these philosophies and beliefs. Many people believe […]

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