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Managing Risk & Returns

Episode 3 - 2021 Investment Insights

The KJH Insights monthly podcast on managing risk and returns provides an overview of the issues affecting the markets, and how we navigate those issues to build and protect our clients’ wealth. Our host Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors, talks with KJH’s CEO, Joel Clark, about the top three themes informing our investment decisions in 2021: the blue wave, the vaccine and inflation. We also reflect on the many major events of 2020 and their impact on markets and investments.

Your Host

Sarah Bull, CIM®

With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Sarah specializes in managing investment portfolios for high and ultra-high net worth individuals and advising them on the complexities associated with their wealth. Sarah is dedicated to helping her clients – both individuals and families – with the transition through different stages of their lives and helping them to manage risk and secure their legacies with solid investment decisions.

Joel Clark, CFA

Joel is the CEO at KJ Harrison Investors and has been involved in developing the firm since its inception in 2001. Joel manages investment portfolios, on a discretionary basis, for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families throughout Canada. Joel takes a holistic approach to wealth and is intent on managing risk in order to secure his clients‘ financial goals and futures.


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