Periodic insights from our Investment and Private Client Teams on a broad range of investment and advice-related topics

Featured Insights

Episode 20 – Bear Market Conditions Take Hold (June 2022)

Listen to Joel Clark, CEO, and Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, discuss soaring inflation and the Fed’s response, bear market volatility, and the risk of an earnings recession.

KJH Perspectives: A Portfolio Manager Discussion on the Technology Sector (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Reza Samahin discuss the opportunities for technology and growth stocks. They look back on how the market has viewed tech stocks since 2020, the heightened market volatility, the recent sell-off in tech stocks, and share their views on the sector for 2022.

KJH Perspectives: A View On Equities – Navigating Inflation and Rising Rates (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Andrew Csumrik discuss the current equity markets, offering insights on the current macro environment as well as our KJH investment philosophy and risk management strategies.

KJH Perspectives: Senior Loans – A Low Volatility Asset Class with Attractive Yields (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Jeff Sujitno delve into the current fixed income environment and why senior loans are an important part of our asset allocation decisions for clients.

KJH Perspectives: Credit – The 60/40 Portfolio is Broken (January 2022)

Sarah Bull and Daniel Child discuss how the fixed income market dynamics have evolved and their expectations going forward, including how Fed policy is affecting the credit market, and how they are navigating the rising interest rate environment.

Episode 7 (Bonus) – Generating Yield in an Inflationary Environment (April 2021)

Many investors rely on the traditional 60% equities / 40% bonds model for a balanced portfolio which, for decades, has been a recipe for success. But in today's low rate environment, the 40% is no longer generating a reliable income and someinvestors are losing capital.

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