Periodic insights from our Investment and Private Client Teams on a broad range of investment and advice-related topics

Markets & Economy

KJH Insights – 2021 Investment Insights

Our host Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager at KJ Harrison Investors, talks with KJH's CEO, Joel Clark, about the top three themes informing our investment decisions in 2021: the blue wave, the vaccine and inflation. We also reflect on the many major events of 2020 and their impact on markets and investments.

KJH Insights – COVID-19 Vaccination

Host Sarah Bull talks with KJH's CEO Joel Clark about the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine on markets, the effect of a lower US$, the strength of Canada's economy versus the US in 2021 and KJH's top investment themes in this reflationary environment.

KJH Insights – The US Election

Host Sarah Bull and CEO Joel Clark talk about the impact of the US election on the markets, the “big picture” and the tug-of-war between reflationary policies vs deflationary pressures, and how big companies are getting bigger and better.

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