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Through our KJH Cares program, we regularly commit time, talent and treasure to charitable organizations in the communities where we live, work and play

Caring is a Guiding Force: Donations from KJH Cares Support Trans Canada Trail

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Sarah Bull, Partner & Portfolio Manager, was delighted to speak to the team at Trans Canada Trail about KJ Harrison Investors’ support of the charity over the years. Our team and our clients aim to give back to high-impact, environmental causes such as the Trans Canada Trail, which takes on the enormous task of building, maintaining and acting as stewards for the national trail.

The fact that the Trail connects 15,000 communities from coast to coast through urban and rural trails and is accessible to so many people resonates with everyone involved with KJH Cares. Sarah says “it’s clear that we have to protect the world that we live in” and that’s one of the reasons that donating to Trans Canada Trail has been a priority.

Trans Canada Trail has been a recipient of donations for several years through KJH Cares and we are very proud to have been recognized by the charity in this article. Sarah explained to Trans Canada Trail that “no one cares how much we know unless they know we care,” which our team at KJH embrace and use as a guiding force in our work.

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