KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund

What is the investment objective of the KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund?

The investment objective is to generate long-term capital growth, predominantly through the ownership of a concentrated portfolio of North American equity securities. Specifically, the goal of the Fund is to outperform the equity benchmark over a full market cycle. Volatility is expected to be commensurate with an undiversified equity portfolio. The Fund selects securities that specifically meet our proprietary underwriting framework, which is a fundamentally-driven, security-specific approach.

What does the KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund invest in?

The KJH Sweet Sixteen is structured as a concentrated portfolio of selected securities that are reflective of the portfolio managers’ best ideas. Although the portfolio is concentrated within select securities, all selected positions fit within our underlying KJH Proprietary Framework that is used to identify undervalued securities that are forecasted to rise over time.

Why this asset mix?

The KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund focuses on a concentration of specific equities split into an actively managed and core and satellite classification. The Fund is sector agnostic and actively engages in options and short positions to generate positive alpha. The active share of the portfolio relies on the portfolio managers’ ability to select undervalued securities.

What is the role of the KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund in your portfolio?

This KJH Sweet Sixteen Fund is intended to add value as a complementary piece to a well structured, diversified portfolio. The Fund seeks to generate alpha for the overall portfolio by actively managing a concentrated basket of equities. Due to the concentrated aspect of the Fund, it is best served in conjunction with a broader portfolio.

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